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Case studies
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airTec edges: “We are now able to target big cabinetmakers”
The first HOMAG airTec machine that had been installed in Australia is at Precise Precut on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Precise Precut is a cut-to-size company that has become well-known in the region for its reliable quality service.

HOMAG UK delivers for Mount Industries
With these new machines we can handle more complex jobs than before and also deliver bigger contracts in less time which in itself will help us attract new customers to the business.

Guided by the network
If a customer is missing a hinge or a panel, the order could mean money down the drain rather than a profit for the furniture manufacturer. Darex Home in Belgrade sells kitchens online: it pledges to deliver within 48 hours.

Increased production flow with the Weeke Vantech 480 B
Having chosen the WEEKE CNC was a no-brainer decision as Raymond says: “Any good joinery I know owns a HOMAG machine. That speaks for itself. I don’t muck around.”

Nesting and edging at the highest level
Capital Design Works are on the fast track: Since the upgrade to new machinery from HOMAG Australia, the Sydney-based company has been growing continuously.

Networked production in joineries
Even though every visitor is amazed by the machine pool and the networking, which up until now has existed mainly in the furniture industry, the Daxenberger joinery has remained a real craftsman’s business.

Industrie 4.0 – 4000 furniture components leave the Nowy Styl Group factory every shift
The HOMAG Group built one of the most up-to-date production lines in the industry for the Nowy Styl Group office furniture manufacturer in the Polish town of Jasło.

One-off investment for immediate results
The fact that machines are the lifeblood of a business, JL Cabinets owner John Liu has recently invested in a new WEEKE Vantech and a second BRANDT Ambition 1440 FC edgebander from HOMAG Australia.

Why invest in zero joint
With the airTec system, HOMAG has developed an ideal solution package to enter into the zero joint technique. In order to get up to speed with production two companies from Australia have recently invested in a hot air edgebander from BRANDT.

HOMAG UK provides Trade CNC the helping hand for increased production
Established in 2008, Trade CNC pride themselves in offering the complete package. They decided to invest in a brand new CNC processing centre that had the capacity to fulfil their wildest expectations.

High end edges for high end products
Peerless Joinery in Sydney was set up to be the best in the industry. In order to keep up with the demands, they invested in a HOMAG Ambition 2470 edgebander and a HOMAG Automation TFU 140 return conveyor.

Nobilia: Initial experiences with the powerTouch machine controller from the HOMAG Group
Speed, efficiency and flexibility are key factors in batch size 1 production. Nobilia has been using the new generation of powerTouch machine controllers from the HOMAG Group since early 2014 — and can report very positive results.

The jackaroo with the passion for solid timber
Founded in 1988, TCDC Wise continues its growth by obtaining the latest technology and keeping abreast of the latest products and trends. Their ongoing smart investments in new machinery from HOMAG Australia had surely helped them to increase capacity.
Otto Schnyder Embru-Werke11/10/2015

Delivering the edge over the competition — with the HOMAG KAL 330
"Furniture to last a lifetime" — that is the promise that Embru-Werke AG makes as a brand. Embru has already been working with the HOMAG KAL 330 for two years now.

HOMAG Ambition – the Gold Standard in Edgebanders
The latest Ambition range of energy-saving and environmentally friendly edgebanders from HOMAG has set the bar at a new height with the comprehensive equipment that comes as standard on every Ambition model.

Little Dreams achieve the big dream with HOMAG UK
Stoke-on-Trent based Little Dreams has been manufacturing contract furniture for almost 30 years. Dreaming big the business set out to be able to handle everything from one-off bespoke items to manufacturing hundreds and hundreds of a specific component.

Sage lead the way
With the new HOMAG hot air edgebander, the New Zealand company Sage have stepped up massively in their production capacity.

Challenge in the top end
With the right machinery from HOMAG Australia, A1 Cabinets in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, can concentrate on quality.

Different edge quality to everyone else
Zero joint technology opens a whole new dimension in edgebanding. The Western Australian company Ikal Kitchens have recognised the outstanding quality and purchased a BRANDT Ambition 1440 airTec.

Entry Level Manufacturing Cell from HOMAG UK
The HOMAG Group has been conscious of this situation for some time and has been working hard to develop a solution that will benefit the niche workshops - you can now invest in a complete manufacturing cell for under £12.50 an hour*.

HOMAG UK help take Lignify to the next level
In 2014, with much of the business’ machinery getting long in the tooth, the directors made the decision to invest in new equipment which would drive the business forward towards its target turnover of £2m within three years.

HOMAG Ambition - The latest range
When it comes to comprehensive equipment offered as standard, HOMAG’s latest Ambition edgebander series is in a class of its own.

Growing with HOMAG
Looking back on 27 years of experience, CDS has developed a team of highly skilled designers, manufacturers, installers and consultants – all serving in order to meet the increasing demand for high-quality products.

The big gamble
A constantly growing volume of work and the ever-increasing demand in quality products has led the Canberra-based company Mint Kitchens to invest in more machinery from Homag Australia.

Thinking smarter in regards to equipment
Cliff Caruana from Inline Joinery in Melbourne knows the benefits of his new edgebander from HOMAG Australia. He recently invested in a BRANDT Ambition 1220C and doesn’t look back.

BRANDT upgrade at Melbourne cabinet maker
Understanding the importance of a growing business, MJ Cabinets has recently upgraded installing a new BRANDT edgebander from HOMAG Australia.

Kitchen Direct steps up for quality with BRANDT
Before Kitchen Direct owner Alex Wang decided to purchase the BRANDT Ambition 1440 FC with with powerTouch, he felt professionally advised by the HOMAG Australia salesman Alex Muscat.

One-man band in the country stands up for quality
Just outside of the Australian city Bendigo in a calm environment where the meadows shine in a lush green and kids play in the backyard, Glenn Bell has set up a shed which he uses as a workshop.

High quality finishes with Brandt Ambition edgebander
Two Sydney-based companies have improved their product quality and manufacturing efficiency with BRANDT Ambition edgebanding machines.

Batch size one: bespoke manufacture on a grand scale
Leading office furniture producers are currently upgrading their production to laser technology or have already completed the transition - one of these is Palmberg!

Kitchens of distinction
Since 1963, the Brazilian firm Kitchens has been showing the South American market what it means to manufacture luxury furniture aspiring to the very highest standards.

"No such thing as no can do!"
commod creates unique artistically crafted furniture with outstanding surfaces

Big impact for small series production
Jela – A wide selection of individual products, small series and an ultramodern production plant from the HOMAG Group.

Even a door has inner values
Westag & Getalit AG not only produces doors - it goes a step further by offering enormous product diversity. This is something today's customers are increasingly coming to expect.

The Complete Kitchen Company
Brandt edgebander delivers perfection for The Complete Kitchen Company. "All in all, the Brandt edgebander has saved us time, eliminated waste and improved our already high standards."

High-tech in pastures green
Where world-renowned Allgäu cheeses were once made, top-class contemporary furniture is now produced by Erwin Günther using HOMAG technology (ecoPlus).

Fantastic variant production in Europe with a 15-day turnaround
At Hali, the focus is on supplying customized products coupled with high-speed manufacture and delivery at standard product prices.

Swedish cool
Spaljisten AB based in Åseda in Sweden is a specialist in the production of foil wrapped furniture components. Spaljisten has now turned its attention to the topic of “high-gloss furniture fronts” with foil-wrapped surfaces.

Neville Johnson Group nests with HOMAG

Decorative Panels Case Study
The Decorative Panels Group invested in an additional facility to satisfy increasing demand for its flat packed furniture ranges.

Homag delivers complete production facility in tight time frame for Decorative Panels Furniture
In November 2009 the furniture company of the Decorative Panels Group invested in an additional facility to satisfy increasing demand for its flat packed furniture ranges.

The Meta-Morphosis
How does a company manage whose products are in worldwide demand but which are invariably ordered only shortly before building completion?

Highly flexible series production with integrated cross-cutting saw – discover the possibilities!
The company Spaljisten AB based in Åseda in Southern Sweden uses an innovative and highly efficient concept newly developed by HOMAG Engineering.

Watchword: Flexible production
PALMBERG Büroeinrichtungen+Service GmbH - office furniture

High class meets mass production
Gaston Bauwens NV - furniture

Lightweight, high strength, in vogue
Severin Holz- und Kunststoff GmbH - table tops, furniture, etc.


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