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Roof construction by Carpentry Hess12/14/2016

Breaking into new markets
Even though the framework conditions for timber work are very different in the two countries, both companies have tapped a new market for their products, which they are now continuously expanding.
Carpentry Machine from WEINMANN11/09/2016

Internal growth
Automation: with a lean combination of CAD software and a carpentry machine, carpenter Marco Büsing specializes in producing roof trusses with a high degree of prefabrication.
WEINMANN Carpentry Machine WBZ 16010/13/2016

"In, through, out, away...
... is exactly the way a carpentry machine should work," gushes timber construction specialist Hans Nehr.
Geroldsauer Muehle Baden- Baden03/18/2016

Weingärtner Holzbau - Beam processing at a day's notice
In 2015, managing director Roland Weingärtner completed a highly regarded project: the Geroldsauer Mühle, reputedly the largest silver fir building in Germany. The complete Project was produced with a WEINMANN machine WBS 140.
Beam construction Holzbau carpentry Hess03/14/2016

Namibia - timber construction set on European standards
Christian Hess, CEO of Holzbau Carpentry Hess, Namibia reports about his experiences with the WEINMANN carpentry machine WBS 140.

Little Dreams achieve the big dream with HOMAG UK
Stoke-on-Trent based Little Dreams has been manufacturing contract furniture for almost 30 years. Dreaming big the business set out to be able to handle everything from one-off bespoke items to manufacturing hundreds and hundreds of a specific component.

Entry Level Manufacturing Cell from HOMAG UK
The HOMAG Group has been conscious of this situation for some time and has been working hard to develop a solution that will benefit the niche workshops - you can now invest in a complete manufacturing cell for under £12.50 an hour*.
Carpentry machine WBZ 160 at Hans Nussbaumer06/03/2015

Quality prevails – high-class engineering meets high-class house construction
In Alosen in Switzerland, Hans Nussbaumer Elementbau & Architekturbüro AG produces custom built timber frame construction houses in line with the most stringent quality standards

LUXHAUS - 36% increase in output thanks to new carpentry machine
For beam processing, Luxhaus Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG in Georgensgmünd in Middle Franconia, Germany relies on machine technology from WEINMANN. We spoke with the Luxhaus production manager Manfred Simonavicius.
WEINMANN Beam processing machine WBS 120 Zimmerei Fäckl05/21/2015

Small machine - big results
Pietro Ferrari from Struttura Legno magazine spoke with Manfred and Philipp Fäckl, proprietor of the Fäckl carpentry business in Aldein, South Tyrol.

House factory ready to roll - New production line for timber framing
Where there was bare land a year ago, a factory now stands ready to reshape the residential construction industry
WEINMANN Handling 10/09/2014

Lehner Holzbau - If everything were different tomorrow
Processing centers for more than just standard houses

Fabry Holzbau - Modern CNC Technology and Traditional Carpentry in Perfect Harmony
Based in Weingarten in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, FABRY Holzbau GmbH currently employs 11 people und produces between five and seven customized timber houses each year.
Montage eines Fertigteilhauses auf der Baustelle04/09/2013

Equipped for the future
A midsized company invests for the future. The future of construction is not determined solely by what happens on the construction site.
Landmark Homes06/01/2012

Landmark Homes
leads the way to build first net zero community in Alberta
Joinery machine WBZ 11003/31/2012

Modern technology - Joinery machine WBZ 110
Karlheinz Meyer Zimmereibetrieb GmbH

More profit through special products
Lehmann Holzbau AG

More quality and power
With automation in the prefab house production

User friendly & efficient
Interview KA-Holzbau AG
Aggregate auf Multifunktionsbrücke01/31/2010

Control Station Systems in Timber Construction
Ursem Bouwsystemen B.V.

Timber house construction in France: Rapid development at a high level

Russia discovers the prefabricated house
DSK Slavyansky

The Transform LLC Story
Cabochon Construction

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