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HOMAG Products 


First step to enter the zero-joint technique
Automated loading systemAutomated loading systems for machining centers
The simple way to the production cell
Stückzahl 1Batch size 1
Economical solutions for individual furniture production – the key to your success custom tailored by HOMAG
B600/700CNC Router and Machining Centers B600/700 - Door production
Free construction and the automatic production of every conceivable type of doors
B600/700CNC Router and Machining Centers B600/700 - Furniture production
Flexibility is paramount to the economical production of furniture components.
B600/700CNC Router and Machining Centers B600/700 - Home and vehicle interior fittings
Top-quality interior fittings are characterized by individual design and an extensive choice of different materials
B600/700CNC Router and Machining Centers B600/700 - Nesting
The higher the quality of the materials used and the smaller the batch sizes, the faster an investment in nesting technology will pay dividends.
B600/700CNC Router and Machining Centers B600/700 - Plastics
These gantry processing centers are your green light for unlimited success
B600/700CNC Router and Machining Centers B600/700 - Staircase production
Free design and automatic production of every conceivable type of staircase.
B600/700 powerProfilerCNC Router and Machining Centers B700 powerProfiler - Window production
High-end window processing centre for windows, doors and conservatories
CNC Router and Machining Centers BMB 800/900 powerProfiler - Window production
The scalable machining center with automatic panel handling
BMG 300CNC Router and Machining Centers BMG 300 / Venture BMG 300
Stable gantry design processing centres in combination with units and components out of the HOMAG industrial range.
BMG 500CNC Router and Machining Centers BMG 500/600 - Door production
From the standard door to the custom-produced design, from series manufacture through to bespoke batch one production
BMG 500CNC Router and Machining Centers BMG 500/600 - Furniture production
The unique basic machine construction made of the solid composite material SORB TECH guarantees optimum
BMG 500CNC Router and Machining Centers BMG 500/600 - Home and vehicle interior fittings
In the field of interior fittings and vehicle production the variety of forms and the quality are the measure of all things
BMG 500CNC Router and Machining Centers BMG 500/600 - Staircase production
Staircases in all varieties - today and tomorrow
BMG 500CNC Router and Machining Centers BMG 500/600 - Window production
The modern CNC-production offers highly efficient complete solutions which allow up to five different work steps to be performed on a single machining center.
High-performance technique for all-round coating of (chipboard) panels
Compound and Lightweight Panel Machine Optimat FKF 200
The preconfigured entry-level solution for single-sided laminating and for the production of compound and lightweight panels
Double End Tenoner for narrow workpieces
Double End Tenoner Line for profiling and sizing of narrow workpieces
Double End Tenoner for special materials
Double End Tenoner for processing of soft materials, for example rock wool
Double End Tenoner FPL 600
Double End Tenoner for sizing and profiling of tongue and groove panels
Double End Tenoner FPL 600
Special Double End Tenoner for structural elements
FPL 266Double-end tenoner FPL 260
Double-sided processing - double the piece numbers
FPL 520Double-end tenoner FPL 520
Maximized capability, minimized wear and maintenance
FPL 600Double-end tenoner FPL 600
"Workhorses" for wide-ranging requirements
Double-end tenoner FPR 200
Multifunctional machine with an affordable price tag
Double-end tenoner FPR 500
Economical solution to meet every conceivable need
Double-end tenoner FPR 600
To meet stringent demands of flexibility and performance
FPL 614Double-end tenoners FPL 614/624
One machine, five units - endless opportunities
Edge banding machine Ambition 2200
With a feed rate of up to 20 m/min, the machine provides optimum productivity for woodworking shops.
Ambition 2220Edge banding machine Ambition 2400
With a feed rate of up to 25 m/min, the machine provides need-driven productivity for producers with a higher performance requirement.
Edge banding machine Ambition 2600
A maximum feed rate of 30 m/min increases your productivity.
Edge Banding Machines KAL 300Edge Banding Machines KAL 300
Optimum results and reduced piece costs - no matter what the edging material
KAL 520Edge Banding Machines KAL 520
The new edge banding standard
A hole new era in edge processing. Under patent law in Germany only usable with Rehau edge!
Lightweigth constructionLightweight construction – Edge closure
We offer our customers a varied choice of different edge closure methods. From the conventional rail as a basic solution through to the progressive support edge. For CNC router and Throughfeed machines.
Less Input will lead to more Output - because of the nesting technology
PostformingPostforming direct - VF Series
Individually tailored processing
PostformingPostforming machines VF
Optimum functionality - Fawless appearance
Postforming VFL 310Postforming VFL 310
Optimum protection for edges and surfaces - optimum profit for you
The revolution in edge printing
Random length end tenoner FPR 262Random length end tenoner FPR262
End profiling of random length flooring planks
reacTecreacTec - laminating method for surfaces and edges
Laminating method which combines the benefits of the urea adhesive method and the advantages of the hot-melt technique
sealTecsealTec – HOMAG Hydrophobing
Perfect edges with improved moisture resistance
KFL 320Sizing and Edge Banding Machines K 320
Top quality at an affordable price - Your entry to the double-sided sizing and edge banding world
K 600Sizing and Edge Banding Machines K 600
Pure precision for modern panel furniture production
KFL 520Sizing and Edge Banding Machines KFL 525/526
Economical production of small and big batch sizes
FSL 310 / 320 / 330Throughfeed saw FSL 310 / 320 / 330
The flexible multi-rip saws
FSL 324Throughfeed saw FSL 324
Cutting with material savings up to 6%
FSL 360Throughfeed saw FSL 360
The way to more profitability
FSL 420Throughfeed saw FSL 420
Splitting with polygon shaft technology
FSL 480Throughfeed saw FSL 480
Accurate sawing with high precision transport system
FSQ 310Throughfeed saw FSQ 310
The flexible cross saw
FSQ 380Throughfeed saw FSQ 380
Throughfeed dividing with flexible cross saw
FSQ 382Throughfeed saw FSQ 382
The cross-cut saw for furniture manufacturing
Transport SystemsTransport Systems
The ultimate link for your production