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In the field of automation (robot applications and return conveyors), LIGMATECH regards itself as a system supplier in a wider sense. These applications usually complement other core machines and complete them – up to a manless cell.

BOOMERANG® TFU 120 - The entry to a comfortable material flow
The BOOMERANG® TFU 120 is the perfect supplement for unilateral edge banding machines as essential support for an economic workpiece return. The production process will be more efficient, whether batch size 1, batch, or serial production.
BOOMERANG® TFU 140 - For a wide spectrum in the material flow
Whether handicraft or industrially oriented production. The BOOMERANG® TFU 140 transports the largest material variety and is indispensable for an economic workpiece return. It convinces by its high capacity and an especially gentle workpiece handling.
BOOMERANG® TFU 420 - Controlled material flow with high capacity
The BOOMERANG® and Edge Drilling and Trimming TFU 420 provides for a gentle and efficient workpiece return. It convinces by its high capacity, even on large panels, and enables continuous sizing and edge banding without interruptions.
BOOMERANG® TFU 520 - More flexibility for the material flow
Stacking unit and return conveyor combined in one machine. The high automation degree makes the return conveyor BOOMERANG® TFU 520 a real multi-talent. Finished workpieces can be fed out or stacked.
Edge circulation unit TFU 820
The fully automatic workpiece circulation TFU 820 multiply the efficiency in the format and edge processing. Precision and repeating accuracy on high availability and process safety are being improved.
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