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Lichtenberg,  07/02/2012 

 LIGMATECH at Holz-Handwerk 2012: Just-in-time packaging technology with zero investment! 

Innovative, highly flexible, and keyed to the packaging requirements of small-sized and medium-sized enterprises: LIGMATECH developed in cooperation with the enterprise PACKSIZE a new generation of cardboard-box cutting machines. The visitors can get in touch with the VKS 200 in Nuremberg.

By means of the cardboard-box cutting machine VKS 200 from the LIGMATECH company, you can finish-cut packings, namely in the required number of pieces, in the optimum size, and at the right moment. Various tool configurations permit the customized production of cardboard boxes for every type and size of products. Additional filling materials are no longer required and thanks to appropriate packing designs, the products are optimally protected during transportation. Up-to-date multifunctional tools ensure the best cutting quality by means of the single-point principle – cutting, corrugating, and perforating at one point.

 "More and more customers are convinced and rely on this solution," said Laurent Heimen, Sales Manager of the LIGMATECH company, "because the reduction of the storage expenses and the logistic activities by just-in-time production, the lowering of the packaging times as well as the decrease of complaints thanks to the optimum product protection result in savings of up to 35 % in the packaging sector." And in cooperation with PACKSIZE, these economies can directly be realized without requiring an investment, too. 

Another solution meeting craftsmen's requirements is the versatile carcass clamp MPH 450 Advanced. The clamp that is equipped with a tolerance compensation in the pressing frame guarantees absolutely tight carcasses. Another advantage for the customer are preplugging place and carcass-erecting device that ensure an ergonomically designed environment and consequently facilitate craftmen's work considerably.

New safety equipment: Boomerang® ZHR 05

In the field of return conveyors, LIGMATECH banks on quality, efficiency, and safety with the Boomerang®. The company presents two return conveyor concepts at one-sided edge-banding machines of the HOMAG Group. The best seller and allrounder Boomerang® ZHR 05 appears for the first time with new safety equipment adapted to the recently updated European standards.

Efficiency by feeding and stacking: Boomerang® ZHR 500

Above all, the Boomerang® ZHR 500 scores with a high performance and a convenient handling even of large-sized parts. As an optional equipment, the Boomerang® ZHR 500 can be completed by a stacking and feeding function. The technology, thus, creates competitive advantages thanks to the increase of efficiency in productivity.


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