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Networked Workshop (Part 2): Ready for the Future in Three Steps
The "Industry 4.0" trend is the topic that everyone is talking about in the wood-processing industry. The core aim of this standard is to network machines, electronics and data.

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016: New record for incoming orders
This year's HOMAG Group Treff—the 24th HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff—was the most successful yet: The sales team used the platform of this industry event held in the Black Forest to great effect.

Networked Workshop (Part 1): Why Company Size Doesn't Matter
When faced with increasingly demanding customers, rising levels of competition and a lack of skilled personnel, every business needs to find solutions.

inspiration Issue HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff September 2016
Integrated solutions from the compact stand-alone machine to the automated batch size 1 plant and innovative developments for furniture and structural element production - look forward to two exciting upcoming industry Treffs.

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016 - Exchange of experiences included
The HOMAG Group will be presenting its current highlights and showcasing trends in furniture as well as flooring, window, staircase and door production at this year’s Treffs.

HOMAG Group ServiceBoard: The bestseller in Milan
Today, service is a decisive success factor for companies of all sizes. Everyone is talking about it, including at XYLEXPO. The HOMAG Group has adopted rapid and efficient service as a key issue worldwide.
Kundenzeitung inspiration HOLZ-HANDWERK 201605/01/2016

inspiration issue XYLEXPO Mai 2016
Complex sequences simply depicted: From innovative stand-alone machines to networked plants. A look into the future of the completely digitalized world. And: woodFlex for the control and visualization of flexible production cells and their part flow.
Kantenanleimmaschine verschiedene Kanten04/26/2016

From innovative stand-alone machines to the design of networked plants and a look into the future of the completely digitalized world of woodworking – at the XYLEXPO the HOMAG Group will be showcasing individual solutions.
BRANDT Riemenoberdruck XYLEXPO04/18/2016

HOMAG Group edging technology at the XYLEXPO
Highly flexible and economical: Edge banding machines from BRANDT and HOMAG

World premieres fill HOMAG City
Kundenzeitung inspiration HOLZ-HANDWERK 201602/10/2016

inspiration Issue HOLZ-HANDWERK March 2016
A new five-axis machine for entry-level users, a new series of sanding machines, a very interestingly priced panel dividing saw, and everything you need for edge processing (including zero joints

HOLZ-HANDWERK - Eight edge banding machines to cover every requirement
BRANDT and HOMAG will be exhibiting a total of eight edge banding machines across every performance category at the HOLZ-HANDWERK – from small to big, from the woodworking shop to the industrial entry level.

Interview with Pekka Paasivaara
From a medium-sized company to a global corporation - "möbelfertigung" spoke exclusively to CEO Pekka Paasivaara about the restructuring process.

World premiere in CNC and sanding technology
A new five-axis machine for entry-level users and a very interestingly priced panel dividing saw — those are just a few of the highlights that await visitors to HOMAG City at HOLZ-HANDWERK.

HOMAG Group founds a sales and service company in Germany
As part of the upcoming changes to its organizational structure, and under the guiding idea of "ONE HOMAG", the HOMAG Group is set to further increase customer orientation in Germany by making its processes even more efficient.

First-hand experience: visitors from over 50 countries
From innovative development for individual machines, through intelligent solutions, to trends such as automation and robotics as well as all the important information about "Industry 4.0 and networked production"

Unbelievable experience: HOMAG Treff
Integral solutions from the compact workshop to the networked batch size 1 plant alongside innovative stand-alone machine developments all contributed to making the LIGNA 2015 a show of superlatives – for woodworking shops and industry.
HOMAG und HOLZMA Treff08/05/2015

inspiration Issue HOMAG HOLZMA Treff August 2015
LIGNA highlights at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff September 22-25! Experience the highlights up close and in detail – at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2015.

Formatting HDF panels with veneer overhang
Trimming unprocessed panels for engineered wood flooring (EWF) in a most exceptional way — that was the task assigned to HOMAG Group Engineering by one of the largest manufacturers of floor coverings in North America.

Fensterfertigung im „Griff“
Weltpremiere in Schopfloch: Am 7. und 8. Juli stellte HOMAG den neuen powerProfiler BMB 800/900 vor. Ein Multitalent mit mehr Möglichkeiten und mehr Leistung für die Fensterfertigung.

From small-scale to large-scale: Efficient and networked solutions for everyone from trade through to industry.

Flexibility and efficiency for individual customer requirements
At LIGNA, HOMAG was demonstrating performance improvement and efficiency as well as maximum flexibility and an even higher level of quality in the production of furniture and construction elements.
HOMAG Group at LIGNA Losgröße 1 batch size 105/21/2015

HOMAG's "Titan the Robot" rocks LIGNA
The LIGNA of superlatives – more visitors, more businesses, more international, and the highlight: "Titan the Robot" and “Networked Production” paving the way to Industry 4.0.
HOMAG City at LIGNA 201505/12/2015

Welcome to HOMAG City! LIGNA 2015
Large and small solutions from woodworking shops to industrial companies! The HOMAG Group was presenting integrated solutions, from a "compact workshop over an area of 80 m2" up to a fully networked batch size 1 system with a length of 100 meters
Vernetzte Produktion Networked Production Batch size 1 Losgröße 105/12/2015

Networked production: Individuality on a mass scale
At LIGNA "Titan the Robot" was presenting the fully networked furniture production concept live with a 100 m long batchsize 1 plant. Fully automated interlinked and networked!

Diversity in the world of furnishing: Industry 4.0 to enable individuality on a mass scale
For over 50 years now, the employees of the HOMAG Group have been concerned with addressing the needs of their customers and with the trends and developments of tomorrow and beyond.
Kundenzeitung Customer Magazine inspiration04/13/2015

inspiration Issue LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA, the HOMAG Group will be exhibiting integrated solutions from the “Compact 80 m² workshop” through to a 100 meter long totally networked batch size one plant.

HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH at LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA, HOMAG, the specialist for wood processing, is demonstrating performance improvement and efficiency as well as maximum flexibility and an even higher level of quality in the production of furniture and construction elements.

BINGO – „26“ wins.
Large and small solutions from a single source, from woodworking shops to industrial companies can be found in a compact space in Hall 26. We are looking forward to your visit!

New software version: woodWOP 7
The new version 7 of the woodWOP programming software from the HOMAG Group is heralding a new era in machine-oriented programming.
Vernetzte Produktion Industrie 4.0 Networked Production Industry 4.002/02/2015

Networked production on course for Industry 4.0
The way in which manufacturers approach the industrial production of furniture is becoming increasingly polarized. While some producers are dedicated to the mass production, an increasing number are focusing on batch size 1.
HOMAG Group LIGNA 2015 - Halle 2601/29/2015

BINGO — "26" wins. Welcome to HOMAG City!
Large and small solutions from a single source can be found in a compact space in Hall 26 at LIGNA. The HOMAG City presents integrated solutions, from a "compact workshop over an area of 80 m²" up to a fully networked batch size 1 system with 100 meters.

Furniture production is changing
The European furniture industry has been and still is confronted with great challenges. The framework conditions are continuously changing in many areas.

Front production: The agony of choice
On a small stand at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair in 1962, the company HOMAG exhibited the world’s first edge banding machine.

Competence at all CNC levels
CNC processing centers are no longer "only" machines, they are now top of the range when it comes to providing a solution for individual production tasks.

HOMAG Ambition: New series, new processing unit technology
New units and equipment combinations on the basis of a smart modular system allow the edge bander to be equipped in line with specific customer requirements.
HOMAG und HOLZMA Treff 201410/05/2014

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff: Record-beating visitor numbers and incoming orders
The new HOMAG Ambition series and the HOLZMA 5 series unveiled at this year’s two Treff events created what has been termed a “massive impact”.

New technology: HOMAG develops dividing and profiling line for unusual laminate
Anyone designing and building their own home will have a keen eye on aesthetics and creating that all-important feel-good factor.

inspiration Issue HOMAG HOLZMA Treff August 2014
A single entry-level machine can develop into a compact and networked production system. You’ll find the technology, software and services at HOLZMA & HOMAG Treff — the hub for carpenters and production managers from all over the world.
HOMAG Treff07/28/2014

HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch: Innovations and highlights
On an exhibition space spanning over 10,000 m², "Innovation meets fascination" at HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH in Schopfloch, Germany, with a host of innovative concepts for machines, plants and services on display.

HOMAG honored with top innovator award
HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH was awarded the “Top 100” seal at the Deutsche Mittelstand Summit (German SME Summit) held in Essen on June 27, 2014.

Pole-Position in the World´s Second Most Important Furniture Market
HOMAG Group: Acquisition of Stiles Machinery makes HOMAG Group market leader in the USA
HOMAG Treff06/11/2014

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2014 September 23 - 26, 2014

Investing in efficient edge processing
What has been termed the optical “zero joint” has become established as the new edge processing quality standard in the furniture and interior fittings sector.

HOMAG Group bags innovation award in Milan
First prize in the “Innovation Category” goes to the HOMAG Group

Flexible, fast and safe in process
High flexibility on simultaneously low production costs plays a decisive role in the furniture industry.

HOMAG Group at the Holz-Handwerk 2014: Chips flying for a new trade fair record
Machines were humming, chips were flying and visitors came in their droves: It was full steam ahead at the Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg with a new visitor record and an unprecedented degree of interest by joiners and woodworking shops.

Growing with the HOMAG Group - inspiration Xylexpo 2014
A partner to rely on as you expand: With a complete batch size 1 plant and smart workshop concepts – including matching operating and data concepts – the HOMAG Group will be demonstrating how efficient modern production can be at the Xylexpo 2014.

HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH at the Xylexpo 2014
Zero joint for an attractive price – airTec: Where there used to be a joint is now a smooth, continuous surface. Nowadays, the quality expectations imposed on woodworking shop production are just as high as for industrial manufacturers.

Xylexpo 2014 - Growing with the HOMAG Group: A partner to rely on as you expand
With a complete batch size 1 plant and an array of smart workshop concepts from small to large – including matching operating and data concepts – the HOMAG Group will be demonstrating what can be achieved in terms of production efficiency at the Xylexpo.

Looking back on a record year – and forward to a trend-oriented future
Another record-breaking year in 2013, ideally positioned at the forefront of future worldwide flooring trends.
HOMAG Group Kundenzeitschrift customer magazine02/11/2014

inspiration Issue Holz-Handwerk February 2014
Growing with the HOMAG Group What starts out today as a compact workshop fitting into an area of below 80 square meters can evolve into an entry-level industrial-scale solution tomorrow...

Holz-Handwerk 2014 - Growing with the HOMAG Group
What starts out today as a compact workshop fitting into an area of below 80 square meters can evolve into an entry-level industrial-scale solution tomorrow – opening up exciting scope for new products, materials and designs.

Frieder Schuler appointed head of HOMAG Group Engineering
The HOMAG Group’s woodworking plant specialist has appointed a new leader: Since October 1, 2013, Frieder Schuler has headed up HOMAG Group Engineering.

HOMAG & Licom:
850 AlphaCAM Links to HOMAG CNC-Machines

HOMAG Group ServiceApp: new functions!
The new ServiceApp of the HOMAG Group connects HOMAG machine owners quickly and easily with the responsible contact in Service.

Finishbearbeitung direkt auf der CNC
BENZ, HOMAG and WEEKE now unveil two new units for surfacing and finishing directly on the CNC.

Practically unlimited scope for flooring: Profiling with HOMAG double-end tenoners
The flooring market is currently evolving at a rapid pace, producing a continuous stream of new trends – such as an ever growing variety of decor finishes and different formats in the laminate sector.
HOMAG Group inspiration08/20/2013

Inspiration issue HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff August 2013
Come and be inspired! One date, two in-house exhibitions: Come to the Black Forest to discover the LIGNA innovations live in action, individual high-tech plants for industry and innovative concepts for woodworking shops.

HOMAG Treff 2013
Welcome to the Black Forest! Over an exhibition area of more than 10,000 square metres, HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH will be showcasing 50 superlative machine and plant concepts from September 24th – 27th.

Lightweight technology is the future”
Interview with Frieder Schuler, Furniture Component Team Leader at HOMAG Group Engineering, on the growing and specific significance of lightweight construction technology for the furniture industry.

HOMAG Group realityPlus – the virtual machine
As a manufacturer of machines, software and plants for the woodworking industry, joineries and woodworking shops, for the HOMAG Group everything hinges on the development of state-of-the-art products.
HOMAG Group ServiceApp07/15/2013

HOMAG Group ServiceApp: Immer der richtige Ansprechpartner
Die neue ServiceApp der HOMAG Group verbindet die Kunden ab sofort schnell und einfach mit dem zuständigen Ansprechpartner im Service. Dazu sind alle Maschinen mit einem individuellen QR-Code ausgestattet. Alles was man dazu braucht ist ein Smartphone.

HOMAG Kantenanleimmaschine Ambition 2275
HOMAG launched a promotional machine at LIGNA 2013 to fulfill the diverse requirements of today's joiners and carpenters. The result is the Ambition 2275 edge banding machine.

Innovation of the year at the LIGNA:
powerTouch – a whole new dimension in machine operation

Record order intake already reached at LIGNA
Already after little more than four months into the year, the HOMAG Group has already broken through the 100 million Euro ceiling.

LIGNA 2013 - Lightweight
Lightweight materials are an innovation driver and bring decisive image benefits in many sectors, because every kilo saved translates into a real competitive advantage for the supplier.

LIGNA 2013 - HOMAG, Power, Sensations
As the biggest single exhibitor present at this year’s LIGNA, wood processing specialist HOMAG is all about innovation & high tech, performance improvement & efficiency, plant competence & made to measure furniture production.
HOMAG Group inspiration04/02/2013

inspiration Issue LIGNA April 2013
Touch the innovation – Touch the future The Highlights at LIGNA 2013 in Hall 26 + Hall 11 Interesting Case Studies More about powerTouch and much more ....

LIGNA 2013 - welcome at HOMAG City
Highlights at a glance

HOMAG City at LIGNA 2013
The HOMAG Group introduces visitors to a whole new world of innovation at the LIGNA 2013. The focus is on powerTouch. Experience a whole new dimension in machine operation!
HOMAG Group auf der LIGNA02/28/2013

HOMAG City at LIGNA 2013
Touch the innovation – touch the future The HOMAG Group introduces visitors to a whole new world of innovation at the LIGNA 2013.

LIGNA ecoPlus
Saving resources – enhancing productivity. This is where ecoPlus comes into its own: the new technology package from the HOMAG Group.

LIGNA 2013 - Plant engineering expertise of the HOMAG Group
What distinguishes the HOMAG Group is its broad-based product spectrum and machines complying with the very highest technical standards.

LIGNA 2013 Live-Ticker
How did the year pan out for the woodworking machinery world market leader in Europe, America, Asia and the rest of the world?

Project business success: HOMAG Group breaks through the 100 million Euro barrier
Despite the current economic conditions, the HOMAG Group has succeeded after just five months in breaking through the EUR 100 million barrier in order intake for its project business.

completeLine: 18 years on the road to success
In the furniture industry, surface trends change more rapidly than Paris fashions.

LVT flooring production and its special features
Let the next flooring revolution roll – HOMAG is prepared and ready

20 years of woodWOP
There is no other CNC programming system which can claim such a long and successful development history as woodWOP.

MAJA backs HOMAG Group high-tech once again
With ten years of successful partnership already behind them, innovative furniture producer MAJA-MÖBELWERK GmbH has once again opted to invest heavily with the HOMAG Group.

Surface days 2012: HOMAG as trendsetter
Individual surfaces are the height of fashion – and fashion is notoriously fickle. Over 100 visitors to the 2012 Surface Days in Schopfloch had the opportunity to witness how proficient the HOMAG Group is in doing just that.

BRANDT and HOMAG: Successful Ambition series of edgebanding machines
Holz-Handwerk 2012 woodworking show – the 3000th machine of the Ambition series found its owner. Since the inception of the Ambition models of edge banding machinery 3.000 machines have been sold to over 90 countries worldwide.

Throughfeed saws from HOMAG: Economical and flexible
Achieving a high degree of automation is becoming ever more vital to guarantee a continuous flow of parts in modern production plants. High-speed, efficient division of large-format panel materials in throughfeed can make a significant contribution here.

Following on from the flooring industries lead fairs - the Asian Century is well under way!
The first quarter of every year sees a flurry of activity in the international floor covering sector as companies the world over showcase trends and innovations at the industry's lead trade fairs.
HOMAG Group inspiration02/14/2012

inspiration Issue Februar 2012
PRACTIVE - The Workshop of the Future, Highlights of Holz-Handwerk, BHX050/055, Revolution in window production, The saw that grows, tested logistics, fascination of sanding, Just-in-time packaging, The new CNC allrounder, ...

HOMAG at the Holz-Handwerk 2012 & fensterbau frontale
Window technology all the way – solutions for every performance category

HOMAG Group: First reacTec system sold
The revolutionary new reacTec laminating technology is already gaining a foothold: By the autumn of 2012, this innovative new technique will be up and running in the Polish production facilities of Swedwood, a key supplier to the furniture giant IKEA.

HOMAG goes all out for flooring flexibility
Manufacturers of laminate flooring are not only interested in the latest high-end machinery for maximum output - ever greater importance is also attached to the flexibility of manufacturing techniques.

The Venture Series – 8 Years to the benefit of the customer
The Venture series, which was developed within the HOMAG Group, distinguishes itself by the following core characteristics: meanwhile established all over the world, TOP price-performance ratio and much more....

Truly impressive: Double-end tenoner FPR 260
By optimizing the FPR 220 series, HOMAG has now launched a newcomer to the double-end tenoner family: FPR 260. With an outstanding cost-to-performance ratio, this new series is practically unrivalled as a machine for the manufacture of parquet flooring.

HOMAG Group Treffs 2011: Innovative LIGNA products generate gratifying new orders
The HOMAG Group members are delighted with the influx of new orders received following the HOMAG Group Treffs staged at HOMAG, HOLZMA and WEINMANN on September 27 – 30, 2011.

HOMAG Group optimizes production of dividing and profiling lines for wooden and laminate flooring
While quality awareness has a key role to play in the purchase of a new machine line or production plant, regular maintenance is all too often neglected despite its decisive importance for ensuring optimum plant productivity and product quality.

HOMAG trimming unit for 5GS profiles
Following the success of the innovative technique which has become known as the “Välinge screw cutter”, with its new 5GS trimming unit HOMAG has now come up with an innovative industrial method of trimming the 5GS cross profile patented by Välinge.

LIGNA 2011: HOMAG proceeds against plagiarists
The HOMAG Group has taken decisive action against the company SCM/Morbidelli, obtaining an interim injunction by court order at the LIGNA 2011. The move was prompted by an imitation of the safety technology safeScan.

Ligna 2011: PRACTIVE for the practitioners – expertise tailored to the needs of woodworking shops
Today’s woodworking shops and joineries are reliant on the benefits of high quality products, flexibility and integral solutions at an affordable price.

Ligna 2011: ecoPlus – Technology that pays off
Energy, time, materials and labour are all precious resources. Those who learn how to make the most of them can both enhance their productivity and save costs. This is where ecoPlus comes into its own: the new technology package from the HOMAG Group.

Over 150 visitors flock to successful HOMAG Flooring Days event
HOMAG opened its doors to customers from the flooring sector on March 14th and 15th to attend its “Flooring Days 2011”, already the third event of its kind.

HOMAG invests 2.5 million in transport chain production
For over 30 years, HOMAG has made sure of a consistently high standard of workpiece quality by insisting on in-house production of the chain links it uses in its edge banding machines.

TORWEGGE at Ligna 2011
The new SBT 100 is in the limelight of the TORWEGGE products at the Ligna 2011 - this new developed lock hinge processing machine sets the benchmark for the economic, flexible processing of door leaves.

We are out in front! HOMAG – trendsetting technology whether in windows or edges
No gain without pain has been the motto adopted by HOMAG over recent months: every one of the company’s divisions has been working at full steam on a range of innovations, new developments and technical highlights.

Ligna 2011: PRACTIVE for the practitioners – expertise tailored to the needs of woodworking shops
Today’s woodworking shops and joineries are reliant on the benefits of high quality products, flexibility and integral solutions at an affordable price.

HOMAG: flexTrim – flexibility on top form
Maximum flexibility and reduced operating errors during trimming processes – these are just two of the many benefits of a new HOMAG development, the flexTrim. This innovation provides a solid basis for the latest generation of trimming heads.

50 Years of HOMAG – a jubilee year draws to an end
Last year the HOMAG Group celebrated its 50-year company jubilee. The jubilee may be over –but the success story goes on.

HOMAG to showcase innovative laminate machines and plants at its 3rd Flooring Days event
On March 14th and 15th 2011 HOMAG will demonstrate new methods for the cutting and profiling of laminate flooring components and pioneering techniques for dividing panels with only negligible tolerances.

HOMAG with new processing solution for LVT flooring
No other type of floor covering can match the growth rates currently being enjoyed by luxury vinyl tiles (LVT for short).

Laminating technology – the next generation
HOMAG Group develops new laminating technology reacTec

Visit us at the HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch!

Press Preview: K 2010 in Düsseldorf
HOMAG, HOLZMA and WEEKE share a stand

woodWOP 6.0
HOMAG Group woodWOP 6.0 - 3D now standard in all Venture processing centres

HOMAG laserTec Patent unterstreicht die Technologieführerschaft

HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG receives Patent Management Award
HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG in Schopfloch has received an award for excellent achievements in the field of patent management.
50 years HOMAG03/09/2010

2010 jubilee products - 50 years HOMAG
To mark its 50-year company jubilee, the HOMAG group is offering a total of 12 different products in a 50-year edition design.

Axia Award 2009
HOMAG Group AG and J. Schmalz GmbH receive Axia Award
HOMAG AG01/01/2010

HOMAG celebrates 50-year jubilee
The formation of the company HOMAG 50 years ago on January 1, 1960 marked the beginning of an impressive success story.
SORB TECH11/16/2009

SORB TECH – the steel of tomorrow?
Increasing demands on the processing quality and performance of woodworking machinery coupled with calls for ever more sparing use of resources have prompted the development of a new material for machine construction.

HOMAG Group opts for Xylexpo in 2010
HOMAG Center10/14/2009

New HOMAG Center in Schopfloch
Perfect synthesis of design and function
Venture 2009/14/2009

Venture 20 – All in one
The HOMAG processing centre Venture 20 is a universal machine to meet all the needs of the woodworking shop, providing trimming, sawing, drilling, 5-axis processing and edge banding in a single workstation.

Saving energy with HOMAG innovations
Ultra-efficient extraction system saves up to 50% extraction output

HOMAG Group: Save resources and increase productivity
Save resources and increase productivity at the same time! You can achieve these ambitious goals with the HOMAG Group range of products and services.
dividing plants04/20/2009

HOMAG dividing plants for laminate flooring directly networked with short-cycle press and strip storage system
There have traditionally been two different approaches to the question of dividing coated raw panels.

Edge chamfer lacquering for flooring production
Existing systems for lacquering the chamfers of flooring planks have so far not been capable of meeting market demand for feed rates of up to 200 m/min.
batch size 112/09/2008

Profitable production of all batch sizes with the HOMAG Group
Generating income in difficult times

Saw carriage alignment with surface decor
When dividing unprocessed laminate panels, HOMAG AG makes use of sophisticated image processing technology for precise alignment of the saw carriage. This improves the quality, reduces scrap costs and enhances productivity.
KAL 31009/08/2008

HOMAG KAL 310/C edge bander maximizes operational flexibility
Manual profile resetting? Go automatic with HOMAG!

HOMAG window technology – flexibility plus performance
CNC processing centres used for window construction provide the assurance of quality, flexibility and high performance – with up to 100 window units per shift!

Economical furniture production using lightweight technology
The HOMAG Group has been a forerunner of developments in the field of lightweight technology over the past ten years, and offers a range of seamless solutions to cover every stage in the processing of lightweight panels.

Homag Group sets standards in laminate flooring speed and precision
HOMAG is the forerunner among machine manufacturers in the field of raw panel cutting. With its new FSL 480, Homag has succeeded in achieving efficient panel division in throughfeed.

Proven technology and ongoing innovation in the field of throughfeed saws
HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG offers not only saws for flooring production but also solutions for other manufacturers of panel-shaped materials.

HOMAG the driving force behind postforming development
Jointless design now also possible with small radii

HOMAG at the XYLEXPO 2008
HOMAG presented a range of highly flexible, economical processing centres for different fields of application as well as affordable edge banders and double-end tenoners at the XYLEXPO.

Focus on increased productivity
KAL 21003/02/2008

Top quality with an affordable price tag
KAL 210 edge bander from HOMAG stacks up even for small woodworking shops

New woodLine 3.0 with extended functional scope
25 years of production line control at HOMAG

The Multi Processing Unit from HOMAG
The greater the number of different processing operations which have to be performed on a workpiece, the higher the necessary number of tools and units.

Further expansion of the parquet and laminate profiling machine range
Over recent years, demand for machines used to profile parquet and laminate flooring has been dominated by two underlying trends.

flex line - your ticket to the world of batch size 1

HOMAG at Ligna 2007
Efficiency and economy in edge processing - a comprehensive offering

Drilling and dowel driving achievable on edge bander right down to batch size 1
HOMAG extends range of modular units to include drilling and dowel driving units for use on throughfeed machines.


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