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HOLZMA Treff 2015 

In-house exhibition
HOLZMA Treff 2015

22/09/2015 - 25/09/2015 
9 am - 5 pm 

 What else is there to see at HOLZMA Treff?
Besides the many technological innovations, HOLZMA Treff is particularly focusing on personal discussions and specialist exchanges. Therefore, on Tuesday, September 22, there will be a number of presentations by experts on current issues, including a presentation on tips and tricks for working with the latest HOLZMA Cut Rite release V10.

The 2015 presentations at a glance:

  • 1.30pm – 2.15pm
    "Networked production: from the sales process to the machine"
    Topics: woodNET – woodCAD|CAM – woodFactory
    : Bernd Kahnert, HOMAG eSOLUTION

  • 2.30pm – 3.15pm
    "From Excel to the saw"
    Easy data handling in everyday situations
    Speaker: André Rusche

  • 3.30pm – 4.15pm
    "Cut Rite V10 – new features and enhancements"
    Tips & Tricks for using Cut Rite
    : Arne Mömesheim, HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH

And, as in the end theory is only as good as the results in practice, HOLZMA is demonstrating what you can produce with machines from the HOMAG Group on a kitchen with high-gloss fronts on exhibit at HOLZMA Treff. HOLZMA is then going to donate this kitchen to a nearby kindergarten.


WEINMANN Treff - Visitors12/10/2015

WEINMANN Treff 2015 - The event for innovative carpenters
A week full of highlights attracted both customers and distribution partners, respectively partner companies from all over Europe to St. Johann.

Follow-up report HOLZMA Treff 2015
From all over the world, hundreds of potential buyers as well as customers and sales partners made their way to HOLZMA Treff to gain a first-hand impression of the latest innovations.

HOMAG Automation at the HOLZMA Treff 2015
HOLZMA Treff from 22th to 25th September. Along with the PRACTIVE partners of the HOMAG Group, also HOMAG Automation was on the field again and presented interesting highlights around automation.

HOLZMA Treff 2015: Every Packaging as a Custom-made Suit
Using the VKS 250 you will exactly produce the packaging that you need - in optimal shape, with high volume utilization degree, and with minimum unit cost. Where today still packaging is stored tomorrow already revenues may be produced.

Unbelievable experience: HOMAG Treff
Integral solutions from the compact workshop to the networked batch size 1 plant alongside innovative stand-alone machine developments all contributed to making the LIGNA 2015 a show of superlatives – for woodworking shops and industry.

HOLZMA Treff 2015: Automation for the saw already in smallest space
The combination of HOMAG Automation feeding portal TBP 211 and HOLZMA HPP 300 multiTec will be a high light on this years' HOLZMA Treff in Holzbronn. Totally integrated into the saw control, two machines work as a perfectly harmonized system solution.

PRACTIVE partners from the HOMAG Group at HOLZMA Treff 2015
Sister companies from the HOMAG Group will again also be exhibiting at HOLZMA Treff 2015.
HOMAG und HOLZMA Treff08/05/2015

inspiration Issue HOMAG HOLZMA Treff August 2015
LIGNA highlights at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff September 22-25! Experience the highlights up close and in detail – at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2015.

WEEKE: Well positioned in Schopfloch and Holzbronn
Process optimization, automation and customization - these are the key topics of the WEEKE exhibits at the HOMAG Group Treff 2015.

HOLZMA Treff: We set trends at our 2015 in-house exhibition
Every year prospective buyers, customers and business partners from all over the world come to HOLZMA Treff in Holzbronn, the home of HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH. Its motto is "We set the trends".

HOLZMA Treff 2015: The automated seamless joint
Up for a seamless joint, including automation? BRANDT and HOMAG Automation will show you how it is possible to produce furniture parts in automated reliability with seamless joint by using a combination of Ambition 1650 airTec and BOOMERANG® TFU 120.

From small-scale to large-scale: Efficient and networked solutions for everyone from trade through to industry.
interviewee Martin Kress and Darko Zimbakov in front of the new 5 series10/16/2014

Follow-up report HOLZMA Treff 2014
"If you want to set trends, you have to listen to your customers" Interview with Martin Kress and Darko Zimbakov about HOLZMA Treff 2014
HOMAG und HOLZMA Treff 201410/05/2014

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff: Record-beating visitor numbers and incoming orders
The new HOMAG Ambition series and the HOLZMA 5 series unveiled at this year’s two Treff events created what has been termed a “massive impact”.

inspiration Issue HOMAG HOLZMA Treff August 2014
A single entry-level machine can develop into a compact and networked production system. You’ll find the technology, software and services at HOLZMA & HOMAG Treff — the hub for carpenters and production managers from all over the world.
HOMAG Treff07/28/2014

HOMAG Treff in Schopfloch: Innovations and highlights
On an exhibition space spanning over 10,000 m², "Innovation meets fascination" at HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH in Schopfloch, Germany, with a host of innovative concepts for machines, plants and services on display.

All in one: the new HPP 300 multiTec on show live at HOLZMA Treff
Precision up, costs down: The new HPP 300 multiTec drills, routs and cuts facade elements in a single pass

HOLZMA Treff 2014
Once a year prospective buyers, customers and business partners from all over the world come to HOLZMA Treff in Holzbronn, the home of HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH. "We set the trends" is the current theme of the in-house exhibition.
HOMAG Treff06/11/2014

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2014 September 23 - 26, 2014

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