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Woodworking machinery from HOMAG India 

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Woodworking machinery from the HOMAG India

For industrial manufacturers and their suppliers, interior fitters and woodworking shops – the HOMAG Group offers a perfectly coordinated portfolio for efficient woodworking.

Panel production:
Composite and lightweight panel plants

Panel dividing saws, throughfeed saws, multi-blade rip saws, cross-cutting saws

Wide-belt sanding machines, profile wrapping, foil cutters, laminating machines for surface and edge, surface laminating machines, 3D form presses, membrane presses, completeLine, reacTec

Drilling and hardware mounting technology:
Drilling and hardware mounting machines, drilling and dowel driving machines, CNC drilling centres, throughfeed drilling machines

Sizing and edge banding:
Double-end tenoners, edge banding machines, printLine, postforming

CNC routing and machining:
C-frame machines, gantry machines, production cells, LeanFactory, nesting

Structural element machines:
Window production, flooring production, staircase production, door production, frame production

Timber-frame construction:
Joinery and beam processing, panel processing centres, element production, assembly tables, butterfly turning tables, multifunction bridges for steel frame construction, framing stations, feed systems

Transport and handling:
Feed systems, rotary stations, return conveyors, stacking systems, conveyors, warehousing systems, storage systems, sorting and buffer systems, robot systems,

Case clamps, frame presses, assembly lines, robot applications

Cardboard box folding machines, robot insertion stations, robot palletization, box closing machines, loading ledges

Factory planning, process optimization

ERP systems, production control systems, simulation technology, cutting optimization, identification, software for throughfeed machines and CNC processing centres, CAD/CAM, software for timber frame construction, woodWOP


HOMAG Group woodworking systems

By using networked structures and in-depth cooperation, we ensure that all the machines and plants engineered in our producing locations complement each other to create a single successful system. For more detailed information on our producing companies and about woodworking, visit the relevant website: